Movie reviews in 250 words or less

We want to make reading our reviews a quick and convenient process while addressing the information you want to know about a film. To do this, we keep our movie reviews at 250 words or less per review.

Transparent opinions based on 6 categories

For an even faster breakdown of our thoughts on films, we've established 6 categories that we rate each movie by. The categories are acting and casting, visual effects and editing, story and message, entertainment value, music score and soundtrack, and reviewer's preference. Each category can be assigned 0, 1, or 2 points, and the culmination of each category's score determines the movie's score meter.

Easy at-a-glance movie score meter

Once the reviewer assigns a score for the above categories and tallies the total, it is then reflected on the score meter placed at the top of the review. As the maximum number of points would indicate, the score slider can rest along 12 places on the meter, presenting readers with an easy overview of the written review and the category scoring.